Ferment Update: Bell Peppers

It’s been a week, and the lacto-fermented bell peppers are coming right along. I burp them a couple of times a day to release some pressure, and am always happy to see the bubbles rise from the bottom of the jar to join the fizzy head at the top!

This particular recipe uses kombucha vinegar – something I keep a lot of on hand all the time – and it consistently creates a very active ferment. This time, I didn’t fill the jars quite as full…so neither overflowed and made a mess. Restraint pays off!

I’ll leave these at room temperature for another couple of weeks, then transfer them to the fridge. The fermentation process turns these into soft bell pepper pickles that add a pop of flavor to many dishes – like slow cooker chili. Blended with vinegar and spices, these could even make a mild pepper sauce.

In the vein of no food waste, these peppers have been rescued from a slow decline in the crisper drawer and transformed into a tangy, delicious, probiotic preserve. Don’t just take furtive peeks into the vegetable crisper, dreading what’s in there – if you’re not eating it fast enough, ferment it!

Make it your goal to avoid tossing wilted, limp, or rotten veggies by eating or preserving them before they get to that stage!