Spiralize This: Duck & Veggie Eggroll Noodle Bowls

Pastured duck is delicious, and it really shines in an Asian-inspired spiralized noodle bowl. And adding vegetarian eggrolls just enhances this flavor experience!

Daikon noodles are such a great substitute for vermicelli – they’re mild in flavor and have an “al dente” mouthfeel. I seriously doubt I’ll ever tire of them…but golden beets or kohlrabi (simply wonderful as raw spiralized noodles, and the spiralizer went through a rock hard one with ease!) would also work well in this bowl.

I just spiralized about 1/3 of a large daikon – enough for two bowls but can you really make “too many” daikon noodles? – and a half a large cucumber for the noodle base. A handful of shredded slow-cooked duck (from “extra” drakes we raised until their hormones went into overdrive) and a few veggie eggrolls went on top, with nước chấm poured atop it all. Finally, a swirl of Sriracha and hoisin sauces graced the bowls.

Was it good? Oh, yeah! And we savored every bite, knowing that we raised (and processed) the duck that provided the delicious meat for the meal: drakes that free ranged and ate bugs, greens, and other forage from our pastures; that were provided fresh water to drink and bathe in daily; and that were securely cooped at night to protect against nighttime predators. They had a good life with plenty of fresh air, exercise, and choice – factors we believe contribute to the amazing flavor.

Truly farm-to-table pastured duck in a veggie noodle bowl is really something special!