Meatless Eats: Quorn Chik’n Patties

When it comes to meatless “chicken”, Quorn is hard to beat. I’ve tried several meatless products that were meant to look and taste like chicken, and none was as convincing as Quorn.

Unlike other meatless products (like Field Roast or Tofurky), Quorn is made from mycoprotein – a fermented fungus product. How could you not like that, right?

Quorn also has an impressive emphasis on sustainability. According to the company’s website, much of its packaging is sustainable or recyclable (and it tells consumers exactly what is and isn’t recyclable), it uses sustainable palm oil, and is involved in efforts to reduce food waste. Commendable.

As important as social responsibility is to me, however, I would honestly be hard-pressed to buy Quorn products if they didn’t also taste good. I’ve tried many of them, and one of my favorites is the Chick’n Patties (called Meatless Patties on the website). This is a meatless product that would fool meat eaters – the flavor, mouthfeel, and appearance are spot on. With a light, crispy breading, these patties make great sandwiches or wraps.

Even for non-vegetarians (like us), these vegetarian patties are a delight, and a nice alternative to veggie-based patties that turn to mush when heated or are obviously bean-based. Another bonus is that Quorn is easier for us to find locally, so there’s no need to make a special trip to a “natural foods” type store (especially since there aren’t any near us).

Bear in mind that, as with most commercially-produced meat analogs, this is a processed food. And while it’s non-GMO and vegetarian, it’s not low carb or gluten free.

For a quick meatless meal, though, these will please even picky eaters!