Around The Farm: Baby Mockingbirds Update

As we moved the pigs to new pasture today, I had a chance to get a look at the Northern Mockingbird nest, hidden in a tangle of greenery on the fenceline. Can you believe how much they’ve grown?

Moving the netting and poly rope lines and resetting everything takes a while, so we let the Pilgrim gosling girls do supervised “free range” while we worked. They’re very curious about the pigs – too curious. One got too close to a hot wire and got zapped. I was facing away from her while I was working and turned when I heard a yelp to see the whole gaggle running away. Oops. The poly rope’s voltage isn’t dangerously strong, but it is unpleasant.

After that experience, the girls rested under very fragrant elderflowers, shaded by the bushes’ canopy.

Regaining their composure…

After I snapped a few photos of the Mockingbird nestlings, I left them so that Mom and Dad could feed them. The parents don’t seem overly concerned about our presence near the nest, but they will sometimes perch on the femce and squawk at us, even if we’re not right by the hidden nest…a warning, no doubt. Message received – walking away!

Northern Mockingbirds only take about twelve days from hatch to fledge, so these little ones won’t be around much longer – but I did see a barn swallow in the barn rafter nest from last year, so there may be more hatchlings here soon!

Hoping that you, too, have an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of Nature!

Need more reasons? A recent UK study showed that just a minimum of two hours a week spent in nature positively impacted health and wellbeing.