Haiku: Softened Edges

It snowed yesterday. Just a dusting – but for a while, the sodden landscape was transformed into something peacefully beautiful. To me, snow is one of those arguably ordinary events that is rarely fully appreciated: what other natural occurrence can transform unappealing objects, like rusty old gates, into something worth capturing? When it snows, really snows, the world’s frenetic pace slows and it grows quiet, as if there’s a reverent hush. Watching the snow is a bit hypnotic, too – as it swirls gracefully to the ground, it’s easy to engage in a bit of reverie: snowball fights, patiently rolling big snowballs to make a snowman, dogs cavorting in the snow…cherished snow memories.

May the wonder of snow be with you this holiday season!

7 thoughts on “Haiku: Softened Edges

      1. On a cold day, the snow floats down like the soap flakes you see in the movies and the snowflakes that land on your skin are cold for just an instant before they melt. Each snowflake is unique because of the conditions it encounters as it forms and falls through the atmosphere…and so beautiful. When the snow is falling, it’s quiet and everything around you feels muted by the blanket of snow. Have you heard the song, “A Marshmallow World”? The lyrics are kind of silly, but I think the imagery captures the experience of being in a snowy place and how it looks…and how much fun it is. ☺️

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