Farm Ferments: Division Of Duties

If you’ve followed us or just taken a look around, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that this blog is replete with posts about fermentation. I ferment things, different things, and often. But I’m not the only fermenter in the family!

Those beautiful Audrey-assisted sourdough loaves? Mr. fMf’s bailiwick. Yes, I acquired the original starter culture, I understand how sourdough works, and I can speak knowledgeably about it…but I don’t make the loaves. In fact, I don’t maintain Audrey – he does.

Since I maintain the other cultures and do all the other fermenting, you may be wondering why I didn’t just take this one on, too. The answer is that this just somehow became his pet (you know, like the cat that takes a shine to a particular family member). And I’m perfectly fine with it!

It’s fun to share a hobby/lifestyle like fermenting. It provides common ground and fodder for interesting conversation; I can geek out and he gets it. And, importantly, he appreciates the importance of caring for cultures like pets: feeding regularly, ensuring comfort, checking health.

So, while I occasionally pinch-hit and feed Audrey (and have been criticised for apparently not doing the way he does it 🙄), she’s his pet and those loaves are his works of art. I just get to enjoy fresh, delicious bread…and I’m not jealous of their special relationship at all.

Interested in learning more about sourdough? Check out King Arthur Flour’s Baking Guide.

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