Haiku: Hope In A Song

In the early morning, birds of all sizes, shapes, and colors sing their wonderful songs. Recently, I realized that the “background” sound I was hearing was comprised of multiple – numerous – different birds doing their different pieces. What did it sound like? Hope.

Like many creatures on this planet, songbirds are disappearing. A world where the deafening silence left in their absence is all that remains of the songbirds is an unimaginably poorer one. To me, those lilting trills, creaky calls, and melodious warbles epitomize the joy of being alive – living in the moment, seizing the day.

I dread the thought of a birdless world. I hope that we (humans) realize the gift we’ve been given, stop taking things (including Nature) for granted, and actually do what needs to be done to preserve this amazing planet and its inhabitants. May we do better.

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