Haiku: Incarnations

I’ve written about wanting to realize my goal of becoming a writer, despite having spent much of my working life in a field where I had little opportunity to write creatively. In truth, I don’t think that matters as much as I’d thought: there are many possible paths to reaching goals, and I’m pleased to share that I’ve achieved one. “Write what you know” is a well-known (and respected) piece of writing advice…so I did.

I know that blogging “counts” as writing, but there’s a validation that comes with having a venerable magazine publish your work. On my blog, I can write whatever strikes my fancy, include any photos I choose, determine my own timelines for posting, do my own editing. With this article, I worked toward the publication’s timelines, within provided parameters for article length, and with editors.

The print article publishing process was new to me, from pitching ideas to selecting photos. It was a valuable learning experience, and I was fortunate to work with helpful and collaborative staff at the publication. Having now experienced the publishing life cycle, it’s been demystified – so going forward, I’ll know what to expect.

While I had the opportunity to see a preview of the article in layout, it doesn’t compare to opening the glossy cover of the magazine and seeing my article inside. The article photos are farm photos, capturing moments here with our geese and ducks…just like the ones you see here on the blog. I see these kinds of images every day, but they somehow look different in print!

Obviously, life on the farm won’t change just because we’re published (and there will still be lots of cleaning of poo), but I hope that this will be the start of an illustrious (or at least fulfilling) writing career – maybe even one that helps pay for all those animals! 😂

A friend and I under the big silver maple tree

If you have a drive to reach a goal or utilize/develop a talent, keep moving forward. Progress may be incremental, but it’s still momentum.

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