Around The Farm: Cleverly Camouflaged Katydid

It’s blackberry season, so I’ve been walking the pastures daily in pursuit of black gold (the berry kind). Today, while picking in a long-overgrown brush pile, I spotted something in a hurry to conceal itself in the brush…something exceedingly well-camouflaged!

Yes, I did catch the katydid – gently – in order to get a few photos…but I want to be clear that I’m not advocating catching bugs on a whim. They can inadvertently be harmed, and some also have the potential to cause injury (example: assassin bugs can bite). Generally speaking, I leave bugs alone and admire from afar. But in this case, I needed to place the creature where I might have a chance – even a very brief one – to capture a photo or two to share with readers. Rest assured, the katydid was not harmed.

Having substantial experience catching grasshoppers, I quickly covered the katydid with my hand to prevent it from jumping away and then held its wings together. It was (understandably) alarmed, and began producing “tobacco juice”, a defense mechanism. They may also potentially bite, so I kept my fingers clear.

Unhand me!

After getting a quick pic, I carefully set the katydid back on the leafy plants in the brush pile, where it immediately headed for cover. But not before it (1) pooped and (2) shot me a dirty look (hey, I get it).

That just happened

After getting a few shots while the katydid did its best to disappear, I continued on with my berry-picking.

Look at that camouflage!

The land teems with life, and it’s always a special treat to encounter one of the less-seen inhabitants – today’s daily dose of ordinary beauty.