Haiku: Ornamental Odonate

Early morning here often means heavy dew on the grass – humidity often approaches 100%. As I walked to a hoop tractor during morning feeding, I noticed the unmistakable double set of wings of a dragonfly…and a real beauty. She was clinging to a blade of grass, completely still, as if dormant (understandable in an ectotherm). At last, a chance to capture her image!

Trying to photograph dragonflies is akin to trying to photograph hummingbirds – let’s just call it challenging. In this case, my subject was unusually cooperative, thanks to the cool temperatures. I knew I might not have another opportunity like this again soon (if ever).

Precisely the shade of the grass 💚

To be sure she warmed up and flew away, I retraced my steps just now (it’s a comfortable 75 degrees, sunny, and humidity’s decreased to 55%) to where I spotted her. She was nowhere to be found.

Remember to really look around you as you move through the world, and you may be presented with gifts you only imagined.

Did you know that dragonflies are considered to be hemimetabolous? Learn more about these fascinating ancient insects here – and specifically about the Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly here.

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