Kefir Madness: Something Green and Something Tropical


You probably know that I’m constantly making water kefir. We love it! Aside from its probiotic payload, it just tastes great. I try to keep coming up with new flavors to keep it fresh and fun…today’s flavors are pine-lime-ginger and pineapple-coconut. You can make these yourself by using the recipes below!


To finished 1F water kefir, add bruised pine needles (rolling over them several times with something like a pestle works well), half a thinly-sliced lime, and about an inch of ginger (sliced). Put the lid on and shake well. I shake the contents up several times a day to get the best incorporation of flavor, and burp the bottles when needed. After about 24 hours, strain the solids out with a fine mesh strainer, bottle, and chill. This brew is crisp and fizzy, and easily becomes an adult beverage with a splash of white rum (or as my friend MJK suggested, try it with gin for more of a G&T flavor). One of my personal favorites!


To finished 1F water kefir, add about 1/4 cup crushed fresh pineapple (you know, the flesh you had left over from when you made Tepache) and 2 tsp dried, shredded, unsweetened coconut. Put the lid on and shake well several times a day (burping when the pressure builds). After about 24 hours, strain out the solids, bottle, and chill. Reserve the solids and enjoy them as a snack – they’re delicious and a bit fizzy! Or feed them to your chickens, who will also enjoy them and get some probiotics. The finished 2F is a delightful blend of sweet, tangy pineapple flavors and smooth coconut. Make it into an adult beverage with some white, spiced, or coconut-flavored rum! No tiny umbrella needed.

Did you try these recipes? Let us know how they came out for you in the comments!

From top left: Pineapple-coconut and pine-lime-ginger water kefir second ferment; bottled; fermented pineapple-coconut makes a tasty treat.