Craft Country Wine: Piquant Pineapple Peel & Banana

Wine from pineapple peels and cores? Yes, it can be done…and the product is uniquely tasty. And wine from bananas? Delightful. So why not combine the two and see what you get?

This brew borrows from both the pineapple peel wine and banana wine recipes. I used three medium bananas, sliced thinly with peels intact (so not wasting those, either!), and boiled them in 3 quarts of water. The hot banana water was then (carefully!) poured over the pineapple peels/cores of 1 large pineapple, 4 cups of sugar, and a teaspoon of yeast nutrient in the fermenting bucket. I stirred well to dissolve the sugar and then left it to cool with the lid set loosely on top.

Later in the evening, when the contents had cooled to lukewarm, I pitched the champagne yeast. The next morning: lots of foam!

The yeast doing its job

After 5 days (with a daily stir), the must was transferred into a carboy with airlock. It was a pain to strain the mushy banana and peels out – using a wine bag would have saved some grief. Unsurprisingly, it has the characteristic pineapple peel wine milky color, which should clear to a nice gold over the next few weeks.

It starts out cloudy, but should look like the wine on the right in a couple of weeks

Even the spent peels can be put to good use: the chickens will entertain themselves by eating that fermented fruit and nutritious yeast. With those sharp beaks, they pick the peels down to the hard rind. It’s a veritable no waste extravaganza!

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