Around The Farm: Frosty Fractals For Christmas Eve


It seems like it was long ago that these geraniums sported their bright pink blooms, but they’ll return again with warm weather. 

After a stretch of warmish weather here, the cold has returned. Last night, the sky had that look: thick, heavy, yet cottony clouds hung overhead – a “snow sky”. Though there was no snow in the forecast, we’ve learned to rely on the signs, rather than the weather app…and flakes fell as we began the nightly animal lockup. Only a few, but maybe it was a harbinger – or maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

The early morning frost provided a great opportunity to get some nature shots. I find the crystalline (fractal) structures of frost and snowflakes endlessly fascinating, not to mention undeniably beautiful, and hope you will, too.


Manifold Maple Leaves

Plenty of these crispy leaves around, blowing hither and yon at the whim of the wind. Nice crystal formations, likely because they tend to hold moisture well.


Daylily Nest

Gorgeous, bright orange daylilies – how I enjoyed your daily blooms and the wonderful wine they provided! The cold has withered your verdant stalks, but I know that you, too, will be back in summer.


Bagworm Ornaments

Bagworms can cause damage to trees and plants, but there are only a few on the bush in the photos, and they look like organic ornaments. The larvae rest in their cocoons, waiting for late spring/summer to emerge. Strangely, only males become adult moths – female bagworms stay wormlike and die after mating and laying their eggs in their bag.


Lichen-Adorned Stone

I can only guess at this stone’s age, but it definitely has the look – and feel – of being very old. This area was an ancient seabed, so much of the limestone is studded with fossils of sea creatures that once lived here. The stone was frosted with crystals that were sparkling in the sunshine and caught my eye – a fleeting moment, since the frost was quickly melted by those rays.


Feathery Goldenrod

Goldenrod, I am reminded of you as I enjoy the wonderfully perfumed bubbly you provided. I’ll see you next year!


That’s the super-bubbly goldenrod-ginger wine (we’ve had a few wine cabinet “gushers” with this wine!), along with a homemade chocolate and walnut (keto) fat bomb.


Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday, however you may celebrate it!