Clean Eating: Soaked Muesli Cups

So, say you’re a busy person who’s also concerned with clean eating…and maybe you also have a long daily commute. How do you save time in the morning and still get in a great breakfast that will fuel you for several hours? By preparing a quick and tasty soaked muesli cup that’s ready to eat, right out of the fridge!

You’ve heard that whole grains are healthy, right? Muesli is usually (specific formulations may vary by recipe) a combination of rolled oats and other ingredients; for example, Bob’s Red Mill’s Old Country Style Muesli contains whole grain wheat, rolled oats, raisins, almonds and walnuts.

I enjoy muesli, but typically eat it cooked or soaked; otherwise, the grains are hard and dry and can be difficult to digest. That’s because whole grains (seeds) naturally contain protective mechanisms called antinutrients, which include phytic acid and enzymes.

I’ve recently begun buying the ingredients for the muesli in bulk and mixing it together for storage in an airtight container. It allows me to adjust the proportions as I wish (extra coconut, psyllium husk!), it’s more economical than buying premixed bags, and there’s less plastic waste.

To prep a cup, I select a pint-sized glass jar and put about an inch of coconut or milk kefir (or water would work, too) in the bottom. On top of that, I spoon in the dry muesli mix. More liquid. Some fresh fruit, like sliced bananas, frozen blueberries (they thaw beautifully in the cup), or shredded apple. More liquid. Perhaps a dollop of kefir cream on the very top. Seal with lid, put in fridge. Make sure there’s plenty of liquid to soak the dry ingredients, and room in the jar for it to expand.

This cup uses the strained fruit and coconut from water kefir 2F

This is a filling breakfast, and the fiber may also help keep things moving (especially if you add psyllium powder). Fiber is also prebiotic, providing fuel for good gut bacteria – note the oats, apple, wheat bran, and flax seeds contain prebiotic fiber. Read more about the health benefits of fiber.

It’s ready to eat the next day, but I really prefer it after two days of soaking – on the second day, the ingredients are perfectly soft and fermenty…and maybe even a tad fizzy.Yum!

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