Haiku: Abandoned Abode

I love finding birds’ nests, as each is unique and usually includes some bit of human detritus – like the poly batting in this one. That birds would incorporate our trash in building their artful nests never fails to amaze me.

I found this nest in the grass after a couple of extremely windy days – fortunately, it’s not the nesting time of year, so I knew there was no risk of eggs or chicks having been flung from the nest. It was so small that it took a minute for me to recognize it as a nest and not just a bit of organic debris. It was, as most nests are, carefully crafted, woven from long strands of grass; a small bird worked hard to create it. I hope that it was used to nurture many chicks, and those chicks are now the beautiful birds that fill the unusually quiet air – no longer drowned out by the noise from aircraft, vehicles, and other manmade creations – with their hopeful songs.

I hear no fewer than three different birds right now, from my kitchen nook. The sun is shining here and they’re singing…as they always do.