Haiku: Ready For Change

A caterpillar has chosen a spot on the porch’s siding for its rebirth, and I couldn’t be more pleased; I may actually have a chance to see what this fantastic creature (doesn’t it look like it belongs in the sea, rather than on land?) metamorphoses into. A moth? A butterfly? I hope I’ll find out!

Despite the many obstacles to reaching this point, the caterpillar has arrived at the next step in its life cycle. There’s always a risk that something could go wrong while the caterpillar works through its amazing transformation: a curious dog might dislodge it from its spot, a vicious wind might rip it away, or, inside the chrysalis, something could go awry during the delicate process. But – if all goes as it should – something miraculously different will emerge and begin a very different existence. And I’ll marvel at its new life.