Watch This: Conversations With An Egg

This one is a bit of a throwback – almost three weeks now – to the last gosling hatch of the year. This little gander, though not quite ready to hatch, was still talkative and active in his egg.

Even before they pip externally (breaking through the outermost part of the shell), hatchlings have the ability to peep while inside the egg. I like to “talk” to them during the hatch – and even earlier, while they’re incubating – so they know my voice. And they respond. I’ve had a talkative hatchling clue me into the fact that she had pipped – the pip was facing downward, so couldn’t be seen.

Later in the day, the chatty gosling hatched. He’s a healthy boy, full of goofy energy and prone to running around with his tiny wings extended like he thinks he’s flying. He’s also a top-notch grazer.

He’s one of the lighter-colored goslings in this group of working waterfowl

After seeing him jammed into the confines of that snug-fitting egg and waiting with bated breath to find out if he would survive the crucible of hatching, it’s indescribably rewarding to watch him becoming a big, strong gander. They grow so quickly, and I have to remind myself to enjoy these moments because, all too soon, he’ll be adult-sized and too cool to hang around with me anymore.