Haiku: Fall’s Finery

What constitutes a “perfect” Fall day? For me, it’s cool temperatures that bring crispness to the air and a touch of frost to the grass; clear, deep blue skies; a kaleidoscope of fiery leaf colors ranging from gold to salmon to crimson; and the welcome softness of the season’s light. It’s this quality of the light, in particular, that always causes me to take a moment to fully recognize that summer has departed for another year.

As I look up to the light, I see the fading leaves against the backdrop of the sky…the trees that provided shelter to birds, where they built their nests and raised their young this year. The trees whose arms reach upward to seemingly infinite blue, shedding leaves (and needles) like tears.

Under the canopy of the big trees, I see – and feel – their defiance: we are still here, though we lose our colorful raiment – and when Spring returns, we will, once again, feel the sun upon our leaves.

May the season imbue you with renewed appreciation for Nature’s spectacular – and ordinary – beauty. 🍂