Haiku: Rainy Day Ruminations

As the day grows darker, morphing from mild and breezy to downright gloomy and even ominous, my thoughts turn to why we, as a species, have made so little progress on averting (and now, mitigating) climate disaster.

While various sources still spread rampant untruths about what’s going with the climate and its impacts, anyone can see that the weather has already grown more unpredictable and storms have increased in intensity. Life is becoming more difficult for not just small farmers but all living creatures on the planet.

Perhaps we can console ourselves with the knowledge that at least we’re not on Jupiter, where the Great Red Spot, a gigantic vortex wider than the Earth that has been raging for at least centuries, exists. Somehow, though, that thought really isn’t that comforting as we peer over the precipice…or are free-falling into the void.

A thought-provoking piece from Ben Okri on “existential creativity” here.