Eat This: Sprouted Brown Lentil Meals – 3 Ways

Almost ready to burst out of the jar!

As a follow-up to my earlier post on sprouted brown lentils, I present three great ways to enjoy them. Juicy, crisp, and crunchy – sprouted lentils are a treat for the taste buds!

The dry lentils sprouted beautifully (with an excellent germination rate), and after 4 days, they were big and ready to be showcased in delectable bowls.

The first bowl is comprised of spiralized rutabaga noodles (so yummy), shirataki noodles, those beefy brown lentils, lots of fresh romaine lettuce, wild-caught salmon, and a mini vegetable egg roll. With incredibly versatile Nước chấm as dressing (I add a bit of hot chili oil, too), this will wake up even the most tired tastebuds. The lentil sprouts are so fresh, juicy, and vital – this bowl is a real winner!

The second is a breakfast burger bowl: just a bit of pan-browned grassfed and grass-finished beef mixed with TVP and cremini mushrooms atop a bed of chopped romaine and those wonderful lentil sprouts. Add cheese, too, if you like. A dollop of “extra fancy sauce” (ketchup, mustard, and Vegenaise) and diced dill pickles added a pop of flavor. It’s a toothsome burger without the spongy filler of a bun. All the flavor, but even better – this one will fill you up but not bog you down.

The third isn’t really a bowl – it’s a vegan hummus wrap. A handheld meal! I made a few mods from the source recipe, skipping the carrot and red onion, using jasmine rice (since I had that already cooked and in the fridge), and adding crushed red pepper to the hummus because I like it spicy. The smoked paprika really added an unexpected depth of flavor and balanced the sweetness of the veggies nicely.

With a big bag of dried lentils, I’ll have find many creative ways to use them…and it shouldn’t be difficult!

Do you have great ideas for using sprouted lentils? Share them in the comments!