Farm Ferments: Ripe Peach Water Kefir

So what do you when you find a big basketful of “overripe” peaches at the farm stand for a great price? Snap them up, of course, and make tasty eats and drinks with them…like the probiotic goodness of peach water kefir!

These were tree-ripened peaches: smaller than most you find in the store, with some blemishes, but they tasted amazing! A burst of pure, perfectly ripe peachy-ness on the tongue.

And since they were very ripe, they were easy to mash and add to a water kefir second ferment.

The deep color of the skins turned the pale water kefir a lovely blush hues.

And just 24 hours later, this hydrating, pleasantly fizzy, live beverage is ready to drink. Nothing says “summer” like ripe peaches – cheers!

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