Haiku: Growing Gaggle

It’s been busy – and productive – here on the farm. I’ve hatched lots of chicks this year, so it’s fun to focus on waterfowl for a while.

These goslings are the first from our geese. It takes roughly a month for the eggs to incubate, and since I’m hands-on, I hand turn them multiple times a day, and mist and cool to mimic what a broody goose would do. I also speak to them, so they know the sound of my voice.

After what can feel like four long weeks, the goslings begin hatching, and the most awkward and goofy-looking (in an adorable way) creatures emerge. They’re talkative, chatting in soft peeps, looking like small fluffy loofahs…but before you know it, they’re out on pasture mowing down greens.

Welcome to the world, goslings! While we may be experiencing uncertainty and turmoil in the (human) world, life goes on as usual for these babies. No toilet paper needed.