Haiku: Under Cover Of Darkness (Snow Series #3)

Wild rabbits had clearly been out and about after dusk last night, leaving their traces around the main chicken coop, around the barn, and through the pastures. Their prints are distinctive and, if you didn’t know what creature had left them, they might leave you puzzled. This time of year, I don’t see them during daylight hours, so it’s good to know they’re still around!

Along with the rabbits, other visitors left evidence of their travels in the snowfall, too.

Small creatures visited here…
Mysterious tiny “scratch” type marks…
Possible fox, coyote, or dog…
And probably the neighbor’s cat!

As temperatures rise in daytime, the snow is melting, creating tiny icicles that drip from edges. Around here, the snow doesn’t usually last long, so I try to drink in its beauty while I can.

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