Haiku: Involuntary Acrobatics (Snow Series #7)

Ah, the cursed ice! Despite how carefully I’ve tried to tread, my luck finally ran out and I did some kind of unwanted (and undeniably ungraceful) move trying to prevent myself from landing hard on the icy ground.

While I may ultimately have failed to stop the tumble, at least it really only involved a slow-motion (at least in my head) flailing of arms and awkward footwork, resulting in a semi-rough landing on a knee and rear. That ice felt less forgiving than concrete! I think the fact that I was pulling the loaded cart actually helped prevent a more painful fall, and I seem to have escaped physical injury.🍀 Seriously though, the ice is bad news…you don’t know where it’s slick – assume everywhere – or when you’re going to lose footing. And, thanks to heavy sleet and periodic melt that refreezes at night, the ground is one, thick, solid sheet of ice. A veritable skating rink. There’s no escape.

To my fellow farmers (and anyone else) dealing with the ice, I wish you the best of luck in keeping your footing. An injury on the farm is a big deal, so I hope we all weather the storm as well as can be expected and come out of it as hearty and hale as we were before this weather blew in…and with our dignity intact.