Haiku: Foretelling Fall

As I walked through pasture, still wet with morning dew, a leaf floated down, spiraling as it went, right in front of me. It was as if the big silver maple, so stoic and steadfast, was telling me something…and I am listening.

Fall has always been one of my very favorite seasons, and it’s a lovely time of year where I live: the hot, humid misery of summer becomes a distant memory, overshadowed by the bright but comfortable temperatures of Autumn. The deciduous trees are resplendent in vibrant hues and their leaves crunch delightfully underfoot.

With the dropping leaves, I am reminded that change is in the air, and that it is just part of life. The tree doesn’t die simply because it sheds its leaves – it may look different, even austere, but it’s vibrantly alive beneath the protective bark, reserving its energy for spring, when it will burst into full greenery once again.

Can this be a metaphor for where I am in my own life? I feel change on the horizon, and it’s been shadowing me for a while now. While change can be disruptive and sometimes unwelcome, it often brings positive aspects (even unexpected ones), like learning opportunities..and I am always ready and willing to learn.

Whatever changes may be blown in by the fall winds, I’ll try to keep an open mind. Admittedly, I’ll miss the lushness and privacy afforded by summer’s foliage, but I also know it will return again.

Cycles – like the seasons – should be honored and appreciated for what they are: natural. Let the leaves rain down, I’m ready for them.