Eat This: Kimchi Burger Wrap

With several jars of spicy, delicious kkakdugi in the fridge, it’s time to showcase this uniquely flavorful condiment in dishes like a kimchi burger wrap!

It starts with cooking the pastured beef – about a sixth of a pound of beef per wrap, and a mix with TVP would work well. Once it’s well cooked, add as much kimchi as you like – try baechu in this, too – and continue cooking (about 30 seconds, just enough to incorporate the flavors).

Add the kimchi beef to a warmed tortilla, liberally sprinkle with greens, and grate some cheese on top (it adds a delightful creaminess).

Wrap it, add a side of veggies, and you’re all set: a quick, tasty, wholesome meal. And it will wake up your tastebuds!

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