Haiku: A New World

Goslings are uniquely adorable babies – expressive, curious, and, when imprinted, attached to you. They also love to touch and taste everything.

Goslings “noodle” anything they can get their bills on: grass, rocks, paper, each other. They explore the world by feeling (and tasting) it. Because they’re not picky about what they’ll put in their bills, keeping unsafe items like strings and plastic out of their reach is very important. Eating a string could seriously harm or even kill a gosling. Learn more about raising geese at BackYard Chickens.

Yesterday, right before it began pouring rain, we took the month-old ducklings and the days-old goslings outdoors. It was the first time the two groups had been together, but after a few warning “bites” (more like harmless pushes) by the much-larger ducklings, everyone got along famously. They all nibbled greens, got some exercise, fresh air, and mental stimulation. I think we had as much fun watching them as they did having their adventure!