Haiku: Lofty Layers

Winter may not have officially arrived, but it’s certainly felt like winter here already: I’ve seen a few snowflakes, and temperatures have ensured solidly-frozen hoses and slightly-frozen faces.

While the winter season seems steeped in austerity, I appreciate its atmosphere of dormancy and calm. Winter is truly the season where hygge is at its peak, with its accoutrements of, among others, fuzzy socks and hats, steaming drinks, and warming candlelight. Along with the welcome coziness those elements bring, this time of year also reminds me to be thankful for having appropriate shelter from the elements, as I know that many people – and pets – are not as fortunate.

As I look at today’s featureless, dull gray sky, I refuse to let that seep in; yes, it’s unappealing, yes, I wish the sun was shining brightly…but the sun’s there, hidden behind that ceaselessly somber cloud cover. Maybe it’ll be back tomorrow, or the next day. Go ahead, sky, scowl down at me – I don’t care.

Wishing everyone a good end to the week. Whether you’re experiencing the approach of winter, like us, or the arrival of summer, don’t let the gloomy days get under your skin. Find a way to enjoy your environment despite the weather (if you can safely, of course) – get out in nature, if only briefly, watch the birds and insects going about their day. Seek the beauty that’s all around us, if you look. Adjust your perspective, if needed. I’m working on it right now.

With the changing seasons, some people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression usually associated with decreased sunlight. Read more about SAD here.