Under Pressure: French Dip – From Frozen Roast!

French dip and air fried eggplant are made for each other

Can you imagine being able to turn a solid block of frozen roast into delectable tenderness by cooking it in its frozen state, rather than first defrosting it in the microwave or waiting days for it to thaw in the refrigerator? I can, and it made an excellent French dip!

I know, I sing the praises of the Instant Pot, but it really has revolutionized how I cook. I have 4 of these appliances, in 3 qt, 6 qt, 8 qt, and 10 qt (plus an extra, still sealed, backup 6 quart just in case, so, actually 5)…and, yes, I use them all. Sometimes more than once a day! I ❤️ my Instant Pots. I was not an early adopter, and in this case, I wish I had been.

Preparing the locally-raised grass fed and grass finished beef chuck roast – preferred for this dish because of its fat content – was simple:  put water in the inner pot, place the frozen roast on the trivet (in the pot), pour broth over it, add herbs and spices, then place the onions and garlic on top. I used this recipe.

Easy as 1-2-3!

After 90 minutes on Manual (and a 30 minute natural release), the remaining pressure was quick released and the roast was ready to be made into French dips.

Lifting the cooked roast from the pot, it was clear that it was tender – falling apart tender! The roast can easily be shredded or sliced, and we made sandwiches both ways. The delicious drippings from the roast that collected in the bottom of the inner pot were reserved for the au jus.

Self-shredding tenderness

In addition to the drippings, beef broth (from organic bouillon) and a bit of grass fed butter created a rich, beefy au jus. Dipping the sandwiches in this mouthwatering broth reminds me of the old days of school lunches, when it was French dip day – except that this version is more nutritious and so much tastier!

The next time you have a hankering for French dips, roast beef sandwiches, or pot roast and all you have is a frozen roast, make your Instant Pot work for you. You’ll be glad you did.